The Fate Of The MD In The $12 Million Patient Safety Scandal

Dr. Charles Denham, a physician-turned-entrepreneur-and-activist, has agreed to pay $1 million to settle government charges of taking a $12 million kickback to influence a national patient safety standard in favor of one company’s product. Though the l…

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The “Business Case” For Patient Safety

By MICHAEL MILLENSON Twenty years ago this month, the Boston Globe disclosed that health columnist Betsy Lehman, a 39-year-old mother of two, had been killed by a drug overdose during treatment for breast cancer at Dana-Farber Cancer Center. In laying out a grim trail of preventable mistakes at a renowned institution, the Globe prompted local […]

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Demanding Medical Excellence: Doctors and
Accountability in the Information Age

dme-bookThe practice of medicine can be dramatically improved. The opportunities for consistent excellence are real, and they are within our grasp…While the destruction of the old ways of medical practice may be
an unavoidable source of anxiety,
the future of American medicine promises an era of better, safer
and more patient-centered care.

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