Excerpts from Michael’s blog, The Examining Table, and entries from The Health Care Blog

The Examining Table

Shared Decision Surprises: Ineffectual AI And A ‘Flea Market’ Ending

Researchers examining how patients make medical decisions are turning up some unexpected results.

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The Coalition For Health AI Is A ‘Goo-Goo,’ Not Yet A Revolutionary

The Coalition for Health AI wants to be the “curator of best practices of AI in health,” but it’s unclear if that will involve enabling true patient empowerment.

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AI Chatbots Speak No Evil About Questionable Doctors, Hospitals

When it comes to warning the public about potentially harmful health care, ChatGPT and Gemini clam up, even if the misdeeds were widely publicized..

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Will Wearable Health Device Data Bring Woe Or Wealth To Providers?

Researchers applied game theory to find out whether incorporating patient-generated health data into the clinical work flow will boost or bring down providers’ profits.

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Overuse Of Health Care “Crisis” Label Blocks Facing Policy Reality

The phrase “health care crisis” long ago evolved into an incantation, but even well-intentioned crisis-mongering can hurt the crucial task of facing political reality.

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