Excerpts from Michael’s blog, The Examining Table, and entries from The Health Care Blog

The Examining Table

At CES, A Tractor And A Patient Stethoscope Point To Digital Health Future

Deere’s “smart machines” incorporate computer vision, soil moisture sensing, GPS with precise signal correction, machine learning and cloud computing…In health care terms, that adds up to personalized, evidence-based farming.

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Address “Plane-Crash Level” Patient Harm, HHS Tells Hospitals, As Political Currents Swirl

The Department of Health and Human Services is launching an Action Alliance to Advance Patient Safety that aims to recruit the nation’s largest health systems as participants.

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When Medical Error Becomes Personal, Activism Becomes Painful

Though I’d never myself experienced a medical error, I became an activist. Recently, however, a relative was a victim, and the frustrating persistence of error became personally painful. [So I examined] more closely what the profession euphemistically …

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Digital Health Firms Reverse Dollar-Bill Motto In Bid To Make Big Bucks

Digital health firms are increasingly betting that the key to success is offering “one to many” technologies that addresses workforce shortages by expanding the reach of clinicians.

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“No Weekend Surgery”Dooming Many Awaiting Life-Saving Transplants: Report

Large numbers of Americans awaiting life-saving organ transplants are dying because many transplant centers don’t do surgery on the weekend. The overall rejection rate for available kidneys could be slashed…by measures such as ensuring centers perfor…

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