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The Examining Table

Bipartisan Bliss? DC Health Confab Shows Three Slightly Cynical Secrets Are Key

While political conflict grabs headlines, bipartisan harmony reigned at a recent D.C. health policy. Three slightly cynical secrets plus a carefully crafted agenda, explain why.

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Will Your Health Plan Tell You That It Can Save Your Life?

When it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, critical information that could literally spell the difference between life and death is conspicuously absent. Powerful national employer groups demanding transparency could change that.

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Concrete Problems: Experts Caution on Construction of Digital Health Superhighway

Speakers repeatedly pointed to portions of the digital health superhighway that sorely need more concrete – in this case, concrete knowledge.

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A Sweet Life Insurance Deal: “Buy, Don’t Die”

Call it the “delay death discount.” Engage with the Hancock’s diabetes wellness program on a continuing basis, and the insurer will cut your life insurance premium by up to 25 percent.

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Can Rah-Rah, Blah-Blah and Meh Accelerate Digital Health Innovation?

Can combining tech start-up “rah-rah,” health policy “blah-blah” and the “meh” of academic research accelerate the uptake of digital health innovation? To get better digital health interventions to market faster, we need a Partnership for Innovators, Policymakers and Evidence-generators (PIPE).

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