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The Examining Table

The Internet of Medical Things Gold Rush (And My Grandfather’s Wooden Leg)

The recent Connected Health Conference featured an eclectic mix of corporations claiming cutting-edge expertise in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). But to me personally, the most intriguing pivot towards the IoMT future was AT&T’s prominent positioning of a prosthetic foot.

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Will Apple Track Your Mind, Not Just Your Heart?

Apple watching over your health could involve more than its new Series 4 watch. The latest iPhone can be used to analyze facial expressions, voice and other information for signs of depression or other mental health issues. Winning hearts and minds isn…

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Despite Youth On Farm, Abbott Ventures Chief Avoids Spreading Manure

Abbott Ventures chief Evan Norton may have spent part of his youth on a farm, but there’s no manure in his manner when speaking of the medical device and diagnostics market landscape. The key, he says, is to avoid being blindsided by the transformational power of digital data. Others agree.

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Not Fake News! Trumpians, Dems, Health Data Nerds Harmonize In DC

Trump appointees cheered by both GOPers and Dems. VCs warning about too much VC cash. Tech nerds modest about AI. At Health Datapalooza, the goals of better health care, better health and making lots of money led to surprising harmony

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Will Azar Practice ‘Art of the Deal’ Capitalism at Trump’s HHS?

The Gospel of the Great Dealmaker created expectations that Donald Trump’s HHS would strongly support paying providers based on “value.” It didn’t. Now it’s up to Alex Azar to bring capitalism, where deal making demands performance, back to health care policy.

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