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The Examining Table

Can Rah-Rah, Blah-Blah and Meh Accelerate Digital Health Innovation?

Can combining tech start-up “rah-rah,” health policy “blah-blah” and the “meh” of academic research accelerate the uptake of digital health innovation? To get better digital health interventions to market faster, we need a Partnership for Innovators, Policymakers and Evidence-generators (PIPE).

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Off the Couch, Onto the Stage: My First, Only and Not-So-Great Presidential Debate

In September, 2008, the campaign asked me to serve as a surrogate in a debate with John McCain’s health care adviser when one of Obama’s close advisers – as opposed to me, who’d met the candidate once at a campaign event – couldn’t make it.

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The Secret to Health Tech Startups Reaping Riches? Realism

Though a record $8.1 billion poured into digital health firms in 2018, the marketplace is far from welcoming to every new entrant. A parade of entrepreneurs, investors and health tech purchasers at a recent MedCity INVEST conference described the reali…

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Big Data Big News: Largest Health Data Org on Planet Promises “Actionable” Info Release

The largest health data steward “on the planet,” the Department of Health and Human Services, plans to make its data releases actionable for entrepreneurs and patients. The clinical and economic impact of this connected health information could be enor…

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Not Fake News! A Trump Administration Rule Models Government Civility

A little-unnoticed Trump administration regulation offers quiet evidence that bipartisan civility in government is possible. Despite involving Obamacare, millions of Medicare beneficiaries and $100 billion in federal spending, ideological fireworks wer…

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