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The Examining Table

Will Azar Practice ‘Art of the Deal’ Capitalism at Trump’s HHS?

The Gospel of the Great Dealmaker created expectations that Donald Trump’s HHS would strongly support paying providers based on “value.” It didn’t. Now it’s up to Alex Azar to bring capitalism, where deal making demands performance, back to health care policy.

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Ben Franklin Blitz: To Keep Profits Healthy, Insurers Want You Wealthy And Wise

Your health plan is on a Ben Franklin blitz. They want to make you healthy and wise — and, as payment incentives change, themselves wealthy. So get ready for help in living a purpose-driven life…and getting enough sleep.

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When The American Medical Association Cheered Hillary

What I remember most was how quickly she won over a crowd that had good reason to be suspicious; how fluently she spoke…and, most of all, the standing ovation some 2,000 doctors and their spouses gave her….Let’s hope the hard lessons Hillary Clinton learned in the 1990s-era health reform debacle imprint themselves in her actions as well as in her words.

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Echoes Of Trump, Sanders At ‘Right Care’ Meeting

If Lown wants to change the “culture” that prompts those [unnecessary CT] scan orders….I suggest finding some moms willing to publicly agree that not treating their child’s “intracranial bleeds and skull fractures” (as the research phrased it) was perfectly fine.

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The Profitability (Or Not) Of Harming Patients

A quiet effort has been going on for years to persuade hospitals they can make more money preventing patient harm than by allowing it to occur. When the government announced last week that a patient safety partnership with hospitals had saved 87,000 li…

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