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The Examining Table

ACOs Vs. MA Shows ‘Grab Them By The Wallet’ Central To Health Reform

It’s hard to read the latest report on Medicare ACOs without feeling a tinge of sadness about what could ave been.

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Not Just A Penn Problem: If Hospitals Really Want To Disclose Care Quality, Here’s A Roadmap

Hospital performance measures need to get beyond the failed report card format and present information in a way that resonates with the public.

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Amputated Feet, Mangled ‘Manhood’ And Which Body Part Will Be Next

Lives ruined by questionable artery clearing surgery and penis enlargement surgery both are connected to one controversial FDA rule.

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Data Democracy! ‘Dr. Google’ (2023) Vs. ‘Every Man His Own Physician’ (1767)

“Every Man His Own Physician,” by Dr. John Theobald, bore an impressive subtitle: ” Being a complete collection of efficacious and approved remedies for every disease”

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Medicare’s “Value” Pay Doesn’t Sync With What Patients Value: Study

Medicare’s value-based payments to hospitals don’t reflect what its beneficiaries value most, which is clinical outcomes.

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