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The Examining Table

Digital Health Firms Reverse Dollar-Bill Motto In Bid To Make Big Bucks

Digital health firms are increasingly betting that the key to success is offering “one to many” technologies that addresses workforce shortages by expanding the reach of clinicians.

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“No Weekend Surgery”Dooming Many Awaiting Life-Saving Transplants: Report

Large numbers of Americans awaiting life-saving organ transplants are dying because many transplant centers don’t do surgery on the weekend. The overall rejection rate for available kidneys could be slashed…by measures such as ensuring centers perfor…

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Leana Wen’s “Lifelines” Combines “ER,” PBS and “Oprah” In a Compelling Read

Wen is a public health expert and emergency room (ER) physician who’s become widely known during the Covid pandemic for her regular appearances on CNN, in major newspapers and testifying before Congress.

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Will Trump, Congressional Infections Boost Innovations For Covid-19 Survivors?

The recent burst of coronavirus infections could accelerate three significant innovations affecting every Covid-19 survivor.

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Why Covid May Not Be Causing Your Doctor To Wash His Hands

Surprisingly, the Covid crisis may not be enough to boost hand hygiene compliance at hospitals. What’s urgently needed is leadership that embraces effective tactics and technology.

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