Excerpts from Michael’s blog, The Examining Table, and entries from The Health Care Blog

The Examining Table

Will Wearable Health Device Data Bring Woe Or Wealth To Providers?

Researchers applied game theory to find out whether incorporating patient-generated health data into the clinical work flow will boost or bring down providers’ profits.

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Overuse Of Health Care “Crisis” Label Blocks Facing Policy Reality

The phrase “health care crisis” long ago evolved into an incantation, but even well-intentioned crisis-mongering can hurt the crucial task of facing political reality.

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Austin’s Post-Op Infection Highlights Lag In CDC’s Overall Prevention Effort

The effectiveness of the effort to reduce healthcare-associated infections is obscured as much as revealed in the latest data from the CDC.

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Sorry, Santa: AbbVie Shows ‘Naughty’ Can Be Profitably Nice (For Some)

AbbVie’s “patent thicket” strategy and aggressive drug pricing tactics have made it a prominent example of pharma finagling. But the company isn’t the only beneficiary..

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Israeli Health Tech In Wartime: Resilience And “Biblical Quality Hackathon”

It was an unexpected message: invest in Israeli health technology today in order to reap the benefits tomorrow of innovations spurred by the Israel-Gaza conflict.

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