Excerpts from Michael’s blog, The Examining Table, and entries from The Health Care Blog

The Examining Table

In Cancer, Patient-Empowering AI Begins To Change Care, Relationships

Artificial intelligence is quietly giving patients the ability to find, create and act upon an unprecedented breadth and depth of authoritative information.

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AI-Driven Medical Care? A Health Data Reality Check

“The reality is that we have a disaggregated, fragmented system with a lack of organization around common, transparent, high-quality information.”

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Despite Retro Name, Health Datapalooza Looks Ahead To Patient-Centered Digital Future

“The purpose of Datapalooza is getting beyond the hype to show what’s going to work in the real world, what’s the value to patient care.”

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Would A “patient-Centered” Sepsis Measure Have Saved This Man’s Arms And Legs?

A recent JAMA article proposing a different way of measuring hospitals’ sepsis care contained for me a powerful “between the lines” message. “Could this have saved Brad from having parts of both arms and legs amputated?”

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At CES, A Tractor And A Patient Stethoscope Point To Digital Health Future

Deere’s “smart machines” incorporate computer vision, soil moisture sensing, GPS with precise signal correction, machine learning and cloud computing…In health care terms, that adds up to personalized, evidence-based farming.

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