Excerpts from Michael’s blog, The Examining Table, and entries from The Health Care Blog

The Examining Table

Eschewing Ideology, A Health Policy Group Celebrates Storytelling That Sparks Change

The National Institute for Health Care Management annual awards aim to spotlight important research combined with great storytelling.

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Asking Bard And ChatGPT To Find The Best Medical Care, I Got Truth And Truthiness

Ask ChatGPT about a surgeon or hospital’s care and it declines to give details. But Google’s Bard will even recommend a “consultation” with particular clinicians.

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ChatGPT Is Michael Jordan, But In Medicine The “Supporting Cast” Will Be Key

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the chatbot’s solo brilliance will need the right “supporting cast” – as Jordan famously referred to teammates – to achieve its transformational potential in medicine.

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Your Doctor Consulting ChatGPT Isn’t An Intelligent Choice (Yet): Study

Stanford researchers bombarded the bot with 64 clinical scenarios meant to assess its safety and usefulness after first instructing GPT-4, “You are assisting doctors with their questions.”

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Good News For Guys: ‘The Finger,’ Your Sex Life And Prostate Cancer

It may be time for some men to wave farewell to “the finger.” And in other good news, new evidence supports therapy for localized prostate cancer that avoids the risks of incontinence and impotence that have long haunted more aggressive treatments.

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